I came across a extremely informative post on an awesome site i follow ifixit.com. The article was written by :Kevin Purdy @kpifixit I take no credit for this information, i thought i would link it off and help share the ‘debunk-ification’ of the infamous “put your phone in rice theory”. If you like the article please feel free to go directly there and read the full article.

Here is a little snip-it

Rice can transform an economy, save a boring meal, and stop winter drafts. One thing it absolutely, positively cannot do is save a wet cell phone. In fact, submerging your phone in rice makes the problem worse, especially if it’s still powered on.

Say it with us: Rice is a food, not a tool. Food rice good, phone rice bad.

Okay, you’re still here, good. Let us delve into why submerging your phone rice—or kitty litter, or dessicant packets—right after it gets wet can’t do anything for your soaked phone.