Windows 7 End of Life 14 January 2020

Yip that is it you heard correctly. Windows 7 is set to end its free support on next yer January. Windows 7 was released in 2009 and has had a great run as the preferred version on many corporate networks. Main stream support ended back in early 2015, so that means there have been no features added since then. Microsoft did a big push for users to move to windows 10 when they launched a free offering to upgrade from…

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Enterprise WIFI in the home

I thought I’d link off to a very cool post i found on ArsTechnica All credit must be given to them, but i thought this article might help explain why we suggest using Enterprise grade WIFI units in the home. I personally use the Unifi AC AP PRO’s in my home and it makes life so much easier not having to worry about dropped connections or issues with connecting. Most units can cater for up to 100 devices. 

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Samsung crams 30TB of SSD into a single 2.5-inch drive

It would seem bigger equals smaller ? Samsung have managed to push the boundaries once again and have managed to get 30TB into a single Solid State 2.5 inch hard drive as reported by ArsTechnica’s website A solid-state drive (SSD) is a data storage device, typically used in a computer. It uses flash memory to store data even after power is turned off. SSDs are designed to access data in the same way as traditional hard disk drives(HDDs). A HDD can usually be directly replaced with a SSD.…

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